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Album Reviews : Twitching Tongues – World War LIVE

By on July 20, 2014

I’ve never heard, or even heard of, Twitching Tongues before, so please forgive me (I don’t give a shit) if I’m breaking a cardinal rule about liking them after they sold out, or if I didn’t realize they’re no good any more, or if I’m giving a lackluster review for their best album yet. I went in totally blind to this CD, and it was a great way to experience it.

They’re really quite good.

It needs to be mentioned now that it’s a live album, and even then it still sounds better than 98% of the dross released these days. It’s clear, crisp and clean without losing any of the low end or crunch. What a world we live in! Back in my days a live album would be a white wash of fuzz, cymbals, echos, and a singer gasping for air and squealing out notes (I’m looking at you Slipknot). This album is much like Meshuaggah’s live effort; fucking phenomenally done. Kudos to everyone involved in making this sound pretty much perfect.

Speaking of almost perfect, Twitching Tongues’ vocalist is a beast. Not only does he have a unique sound while staying on pitch, he fucking well stays on pitch. The fact that it’s a live album only makes me think even more fondly of him, especially considering he’s chosen to sing instead of scream, sound hardcore tough, and create melody. He’s fantastic.

As for the music, it gets quickly introspective, which is not something I was expecting at all after the first track. All the songs are great, though occasionally it does seem like the tempo shits itself and bolts off. Oddly that just makes me like it more; this is live son, you can keep your clicktracks at home.

For anyone who hasn’t heard of them, I won’t try to describe their sound much more. Go in blind like I did. I reckon you’ll like it. Or you won’t. I don’t give a shit.

Stream the entire ‘World War LIVE’ album below!

Band : Twitching Tongues
Album: World War LIVE
Year : 2014
Genre : Hardcore
Label: Closed Casket Funeral
Origin: Los Angeles, CA

1. Eyes Adjust
2. Burn Forever
3. Preacher Man
4. Feed Your Disease
5. Sleep
6. Good Luck
7. In Love There Is No Law
8. World War V
9. Sorry


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