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Uncategorized : The Amity Affliction release ‘D.I.E.’ music video from their new album “Misery”, out now!

By on September 3, 2018

Queensland metalcore outfit, The Amity Affliction, are currently reeling in the success of their new album ‘Misery’, which debuted at the #1 spot on Australia’s ARIA charts. The album was recorded earlier this year in Baltimore in the States with producer Matt Squire, who has worked with the likes of Underoath and Panic! At The Disco. During this time, Amity Affliction vocalist Joel Birch wrote a three-part short film following a tale of three friends and their quest for vengeance. The end result is a captivating and visceral experience.

Part one of the short film was introduced with the first single Ivy (Doomsday), part two came with the second single, Feels Like I’m Dying and third and final part of the film featuring the new single D.I.E. available now to stream via the band’s official Youtube channel. Warning – All videos contain explicit content. 

The new album ‘Misery’ is available now on multiple formats via Warner Music Australia. Click here to secure your copy.


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