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News : Heavy metal comedian, Steve Hughes releases debut solo album.

By on October 21, 2020

Australian comedian and heavy metal drummer, Steve Hughes has recently released his long-awaited Eternum debut album ‘Alone But For The Breath Of Beasts’, out now via Dinner For Wolves. Click here to stream or download the new release.

Steve Hughes is most notably known for his drumming prowess in Australian metal bands Slaughter Lord, Nazxul and Mortal Sin. Since then, Steve has taken on the world of comedy for the last two decades with his cutting edge stand up comedy of current events.

Steve goes into detail about the new album.

“The EP’s lead track, Beyond What You See, is about the Cabal’s efforts in mind control and information versus humanity’s shamanic spirituality. Confronting the shadows and dualism that exists there and realising you are more than the three-dimensional existence they will have you believe you are.”

“High On Fire is just pure anger and goes back to the second Gulf War in 2003. It’s my vitriol against the lies and actions of those who led us into that unjust conflict, they were literally ‘high’ on fire.”

“The dark side of monotheism is the topic of Jesus Serpent Blood. How those ‘most holy’ of institutes are rotten to the core and have been infiltrated at the highest level.”

“In Lies We Trust. That’s certainly true right now. Fake news is all around us, people blindly following their leaders, even when they are caught lying to them. The Antichrist is real kids.”

“Hail The Gods is my nod to the old school of metal. The originators and pioneers. Those like me who were there at the start. Others have made lyrics from bands and song titles before but it’s fun to do and is for the OG’s like Greg Morelli – RIP. There’s nothing else to it, here’s some riffs, go bang your head.”

“The last track is Inverted Reason and sums up the world in 2020. Mind control, fear, the sense of loss we all face in a number of guises and the physical and spiritual corruption bestowed on us by the very people we ask to protect us.”

Check out the latest single ‘Beyond What You See’ now streaming on Youtube.