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How long has the site been around for? was created at the beginning of  2008, however it wasn’t until around March of that year that the content really started flowing. The rise in content saw visitor numbers increased rapidly and general knowledge about the site extend around the country and in some cases, the world.

Where is the site based?

If you can’t tell already, this site is Australian based. Currently all of our main staff are located in Victoria, however this is simply coincidence as we cater to as much of the broader Australian Metal community as we can. We also have contributors based in various locations around Australia and the world.

Where do you source your information?

Our staff source information mostly from social networking sites, and various contacts throughout the music industry. This includes records labels, tour/gig promoters, bands, venues and other sources. But the best way to make sure that we can cover all of the news possible, is for you guys to send to send it in via It doesn’t matter how small the band is, we want to hear about you! And if you know of any other bands that you believe require a bit of extra promotion, make sure to direct them here.

How do I get my band’s album reviewed on Metal Obsession?

Its quite simple really. If you have a new album coming out and want it reviewed and published on the website, please contact We do have some requirements for every album review.

1. We require a physical or high quality digital copy (128kbps or higher) of the album for review.
2. EPs and full length albums are acceptable.
3. Please give us ample time to review the album. We advise independent bands to give us at least 3 -4 weeks notice of an album prior to its release. However, if you do not have the means to send us an advanced copy of the album prior to its release, we can definitely review it once it’s released.

Please be aware, that not every release will be reviewed and every e-mail will be answered. If a writer is available to review your material, we will notify you via e-mail. 

There is incorrect information in your gig guide and/or news section.

The Aussie music scene isn’t the easiest one to keep track of information in. We try to keep everything as accurate as possible however things do change. If you see any wrong or outdated information, make sure to send us an email and we’ll correct it straight away.

Can I join Metal Obsession and become a contributor?

You sure can! Metal is constantly expanding and we’re always looking for passionate supporters of metal music to contribute to the website. This is a great opportunity for people wanting to break into, and learn about the music industry. The guide below will point you in the right direction to the right people.

I want to photograph live music.

No matter if you’re an amateur or professional photographer. We can give you access to the smallest and biggest shows across the country. If you wish to know more, please contact

Photographers will be required to have their own DLSR equipment. No point and shoot cameras. We do not take responsibility or liability, for your gear in any situation.

I want to review live music.

Do you have a knack for writing and wish to expand your musical palette? Why not write a review for the next local or international tour. If you wish to know more, please contact

I want to review the latest albums.

Do you love sharing your thoughts on the latest metal releases? How about writing an album review. If you wish to know more, please contact

Do contributors get paid?

Contributors don’t get paid. But they do score free passes to select tours, pre-launch album streams and downloads of some of the world’s biggest heavy metal and hard rock releases, plus invitations to VIP events like tour after-parties and special events.

Can I buy advertisement space on Metal Obsession?

Definitely! If you have a new album, tour or event that requires some additional help, please contact He can give you the run down on advertising space, prices and the best deal for your budget.

<insert band here> is not really “metal”, why are they featured on your site?

Probably because they’re awesome regardless.