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News : Dreadnaught turn 21 with huge birthday show

By on August 28, 2013

On Saturday 21st September, Melbourne’s Dreadnaught will be turning a whopping 21 years old, which is certainly an accomplishment. Many of the bands sharing the stage with them have before, so it’s a cool trip down memory lane.

“Call it dedication or call it foolishness but 21 years, 6 CDs, 4 record labels, 1 live DVD, hundreds of gigs, many good times, some sad times, and after forming many great friendships along the way they’re still here trying to do the same thing they had set out to do in that small lounge room.

There have been, and still are countless numbers of great people that are involved in the Australian metal scene. To all the many fans, musicians and bands, promoters, writers and editors, photographers, and label people that do it for the love of heavy music and for little or zero personal gain, Dreadnaught thanks you.

To commemorate this “coming of age”, we have put together a show featuring bands that they have shared stages and beers with over the years, along with some new friends made along the way.

The line-up includes: Earth, Alarum, Frankenbok, Desecrator, Se Bon Ki Ra, Heaven the Axe, Wildeornes, Hadal Maw, Red Sky Burial, Repugnance, The Plague Black, Contrive, Swidgen, Alkira and features acoustic sets by Pina Tuteri and former Beanflipper front man Rick Kelly.

The show runs across 2 stages that have been named the “Suds” stage and the “Stove” stage in honour of original drummer Aaren “Suds” Suttil and close friend Steven “Stove” Williams who both departed this mortal coil in 2006.

It all takes place at The Reverence Hotel in Melbourne on Saturday September 21st, 2013.

Doors open at 1pm, and the show runs until midnight. There will be no pre-sales, lots of pass outs, and the more than occasional free beer.”



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