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News : Melbourne’s Alarum drops new album details.

By on January 29, 2020

Melbourne based progressive fusion metallers Alarum have confirmed some details of a forthcoming album via the band’s official Facebook page. Click here to listen to a snippet of the new material.

No word, as yet, of what the forthcoming album will be titled or when it will be released. But with fans waiting nearly nine years for a new album, we can only expect it to be as massive as the band’s 2011 full-length release “Natural Causes”.

Mark Palfreyman, vocalist and bassist of Alarum still keep himself active within the local metal scene and has released two albums under The Levitation Hex banner with “Cohesion” in 2016 and the band’s self-titled album in 2012.

Alarum’s line-up currently consists of Mark Palfreyman – Vocals & Bass, Scott Young – Guitar, John Sanders – Guitar & Vocals and Liam Weedall – Live Drums.

For more details on Alarum and the upcoming album, stay tuned to the band’s official Facebook page.


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