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Album Reviews : Silent Knight – Masterplan

By on June 25, 2013

297028_484080398270797_22826964_nHere we have Silent Knight. While on the surface this band may seem like any of the countless other power metal bands that exist in the scene today, and there is an undeniable familiarity here, there is an energy and focus to this band that’s been sorely lacking in the genre in recent times. Masterplan is one of those albums that recalls the glory days of bands like Bloodbound and Iron Fire, and reminds the listener of a time when power metal really had power in it. There is also an incredible melody to the songs here, especially in the stunning acoustic section in track “Prophets of War”.

The guitars blaze, especially in the intro to title tracks “Masterplan” and “Evil Is Thy Name”, the drums flow with awesome synchronicity, and the vocals of Zoran Cunjak bear a similar style to John “Gio” Cavaliere of Black Majesty.

Honestly, there is very little I can find to criticise about this album. The guitars have a galloping, driving rhythm to them and the double-bass attack of the drums complements the music well. There are only a few instances where this combination feels a little misplaced (e.g. in the opening section of “When the Fallen Angel Flies”), but this is rare enough that it can be forgiven.

For a debut album, Masterplan has really impressed me. And this Perth quintet has definitely entered my radar of power metal bands to keep an eye on.

While listening through this album, I found myself thinking about the early Gamma Ray albums. Alongside the fantastic melodic metal feel that flows throughout this album, there is a healthy offering of speed metal that should help Silent Knight appeal to a wider audience.

Masterplan is like a conglomeration of everything that makes power metal such a great subgenre of metal to listen to. You have melodic melodies; acoustic, mournful interludes; and maniacal, galloping speed metal offerings.

There is enough uniqueness in Silent Knight’s sound to other current power metal releases to help distinguish them as a modern, metallic force. This is the sort of album that’ll have you headbanging, and proudly raising your guitar (or axe in this case) to the sky while yelling incoherently at the clouds.

Band: Silent Knight
Album: Masterplan
Year: 2013
Genre: Power metal
Label: Independent
Origin: Perth, Australia

Track list:
1. Prelude: Fear and Tyranny
2. The Curse of the Black Rose
3. Masterplan
4. Prophets of War
5. Silent Apparitions (In the Night)
6. Pay Your Dues
7. Evil Is Thy Name
8. When the Fallen Angel Flies
9. Dare to Dream


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