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News : Monarch (FR) headlining Slaughterfest VI

By on June 11, 2013

Doom legends Saint Vitus hit Australian soil in July which is certainly exciting enough in itself, but one extra special bonus is that French funeral doom band Monarch are coming as the main support. It seems that’s not the only string of shows that they’re doing though, with the recent Slaughterfest VI announcement listing them as headliners.

The Sydney-based festival consistently has some of the best doom-meets-grind lineups in the country, with this year being no exception. Clagg and Broozer will both be making the trip up from Melbourne, plus Throwdown, Ether Rag, At Dark, Arrowhead, Roadside Burial, Mish, Yanomamo, Frank Rizzo, Islands, Nursing Home Stalkers and the debut performance of 100 Years of Solitude (who, judging by this one minute sample, will be amazing).

Slaughterfest will be held at Spectrum in Sydney, and kicks off at midday. Tickets are available now from



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