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Album Reviews : Whoretopsy – Isn’t She Lovely

By on January 10, 2013


“The cute home is full of human cushions, rugs and lamp shades.
Each curtain is made from three people cleverly sewn together.

Mr Jenkins hobbles to the toilet. Rob wonders why he’s gone for twelve minutes.
He finds him in the lounge with the curtains. “You fucking wobbler!!! Cut that shit out now.”

He is sucking on a leathery dick while masturbating.
Rob gives him a proper flogging.

“Don’t ever suck my stuff off again!””

Yep, Whoretopsy are at it again, and despite only being 13 minutes long, it packs in more variety than their half-hour long debut did. It’s still has the same base ingredients; guttural vocals, disgusting lyrics and huge slams, but it’s an improved recipe.

The ultimate step forward for any band is becoming less formulaic, and that’s exactly the case here. There’s more variety in the riffs, everything seems a little bit more fleshed out, and dare I say it, there’s a bit more melody. Alhough, I mean that in the same way that Necrophobic have a less stupid name than Necrodeath; it’s not enough to change the vibe, but it’s enough to make it all sound a tad more serious.

Aside from that, the other big improvement is in the vocal department. It may seem like a dumb statement (“hurr, all bands do that you twat”) but it’s a simple case of the patterns working really, really well with the music, as opposed to just growling over the top of whatever the other band members are doing. That, and the new (fucking huge) production makes the lyrics a tad more audible. That may seem like a bad thing to some of you, but once again, it certainly adds another dimension to the overall sound.

Ultimately, if you dig They Did Unspeakable Things, then you’ll probably have a few rapidfire wanks over Isn’t She Lovely. And if the former just didn’t quite grab you, it’s time to give Whoretopsy another go.

Band: Whoretopsy
Album: Isn’t She Lovely
Year: 2012
Genre: Brutal death metal
Label: Independent
Origin: Melbourne, Australia

Track list:
1. Introduction
2. High School Sweetheart
3. Skinterior
4. Seminal Torture
5. Eviscerated Harlot


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