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Album Reviews : Battle Pope vs Jesus Christ Posse (split)

By on January 3, 2013

4224576687-1Battle Pope vs Jesus Christ Posse was entertaining even before it was released. It started off with a few harmless photos, then there was a tumblr, before both bands hit Youtube. And the split release follows in more-or-less the same (throbbing) vein; two bands yelling abuse at each other.

Battle Pope kick things off in a genitalia-obsessed fashion. If anybody can find a band who uses the word “dick” more than these guys do, please, let me know. Musically there’s a bit less grind than there was on The Holy Trinity: Bitches, Dicks and Gonorrhea (their debut), instead heading a in a much groovier, rock’n’roll direction. Most of the tracks over around the ninety second mark, but for tracks so short, they’re ridiculously catchy. “Rapture Cominatchya” has a clap-along and some harmonica, “Hymn of the Fallen Hymen” is 50% funk and 50% doom, and “Slingin’ Dicks n Smokin’ Spliffs” demands some high speed barn dancing. The obscenities, immaturity and semen-induced conjunctivitis discussions will turn a lot of listeners away, there is absolutely no doubt, but I somehow doubt the band really give a shit. Battle Pope are the kings of drunken party rock.

The pace and energy ramps up for Jesus Christ Posse’s half, and as you may be able to guess from track titles like “W.W.J.D”, “Bible Bashing” and “Agnostic Cunt”, there’s less penis and more Jesus. There’s also less groove rock and more hardcore punk; the tracks are shorter and rawer, while there are (very well chosen) short samples in place of the lengthier spoken word moments. But, just like the first half, it’s a bucket of fun. “W.W.J.D” is a potential singalong (via beer), “Jesus Christ Poser” is mosh heaven, and “Christ Compels Me” has a wooooaahh and some hey, hey, hey-ing. What more could you want?

This split is going to do exactly that; split people. There’ll be those that find the whole thing absolutely pathetic, there’ll be those that dig Jesus Christ Posse but find Battle Pope just too immature, and those who dance to Battle Pope but find Jesus Christ Posse a bit straightforward. Oh, and there’ll be people like me, who adore the whole damned thing. It’s also free.

Bands: Jesus Christ Posse & Battle Pope
Album: Battle Pope vs Jesus Christ Posse (split)
Year: 2012
Genre: hardcorepunkgrindparty
Label: Art As Catharsis
Origin: Sydney, Australia

Track list:
Battle Pope
1. Pussy Party (C’mon)
2. Rapture Cominatchya
3. Dwarven Porn Trader Blues
4. Cleat Storm
5. Chesty La Rue
6. Fillin’ Em Up To Tha Eyeballz
7. Hymn of the Fallen Hymen
8. Slingin’ Dicks n Smokin’ Spliffs
9. Chicken Wing Muthafucka
Jesus Christ Posse
10. …And Judgement For All
11. W.W.J.D.
12. Pope On A Rope
13. Jesus Kenesis
14. Agnostic Cunt
15. Bring Your Daughter To The Water
16. Noah Control
17. Bible Bashing
18. Jesus Christ Poser
19. Christ Compels Me


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