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Album Reviews : The Molotov – Resistentia

By on October 5, 2019

It’s great to see a band, and especially an Aussie band, that doesn’t really exist within the realms of the ‘prog’ sub-genre, that’s injecting something new and very different into rock music. There is much going on within the grooves of Resistentia, so much to ingest, so don’t expect an instant-gratification experience here. Give it a number of listens and give it time to breath and to take hold.

This record covers so much musical ground across the course of its 12 track and almost an hour’s length, it’s hard to keep track of. Although the ‘progressive’ classification does not sit comfortably on this band’s shoulders at all, there are certainly some proggy and experimental moments for fans of progressive music to latch onto. It also rocks hard when it needs to and delves into punk, hip hop, metal and electronic territory. And plenty more besides. On top of this, no less than three separate vocalists, two female and one male, come at you from all angles and in screaming, dirty and melodic forms, providing even more dynamics to an already ultra-diverse sound.

In fact, it’s impossible to pigeonhole this band, and one expects that this is the way they like it. At the same time, it manages to be a cohesive, beautifully flowing piece of work from end to end, despite the jarring musical jolts it gives you.

And it’s not just in the music that this band is breaking new ground and covering much territory, their lyrics carry a powerful individual message as well, making strong comments and spreading awareness about such topics as political corruption, ecological destruction, the evils of extreme capitalism and the dumbing down of our societies in this plastic age we live in. It’s powerful stuff, and issues we all need to be more aware of as we sleepwalk through our lives allowing the rich elite to screw us over for their own gain on a daily basis. There’s little to no introspection here, just a powerful musical fist pounding the face of the rich establishment.

This is an important record, so buy it, listen to it multiple times and let its music and message infect and affect you.

Band: The Molotov
Album:  Resistentia
Year: 2019
Genre: Rock
Label: Independent
Origin: Australia


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