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News : As Silence Breaks and Create|Destroy are hitting Japan

By on December 11, 2012

As always, it’s fantastic to see Aussie bands getting the chance to tour overseas . The latest two to announce a voyage are Sydney’s As Silence Breaks and Melbourne’s Create|Destroy (who we recently reviewed). The two bands will be touring Japan in June next year, on a huge lineup alongside Hypocras, Gotsu-Totsu-Kotsu, Gorod and The Crown.

Dates are:
June 11 – SENDAY – “Flying Son”
June 12 – NAGOYA – “3Stars”
June 13 – OSAKA – “Pangea”
June 14 – FUKUOKA – “Graf”
June 15 – SHIZUOKA – “Sunash”
June 16 – TOKYO – “Cyclone”

And of course, those in Melbourne can catch Create|Destroy this weekend at the huge Sonic Forge Festival with Ne Obliviscaris, Be’lakor, The Schoenberg Automaton, Death Audio, Dreadnaught, Alarum and too many others to type.


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