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Album Reviews : Create|Destroy – Organic Perception

By on December 9, 2012

There’s quite a lot packed into the nine tracks on Organic Perception, especially considering it’s ultimately an in-your-face, balls-out metal album that is clearly designed to be played loud. The foundation is pit-worthy death meets thrash with a good dose of groove; it’s fast, it’s heavy, and there are some great riffs in there. But in saying that, it’s by far the least exciting element.

It’s the weird demonic, effect-laden vocals in “Mother of the Hive”, the eerie acoustic guitar of “The End Is Nigh” (a fantastic Enslaved-influenced finale) and the Rotting Christ-esque theatric opening of “Antithesis” that make Create|Destroy stand out. The simultaneous clean and harsh vocals in tracks like “…And the Sea Shall Give Up Its Dead” and “Deathbringer” are absolutely superb, and “The Beginning of the End”, unlike so many interludes on metal albums, doesn’t feel utterly unnecessary. Unfortunately all of this creative songwriting is actually pulled down a touch by the more straightforward modern metal sections. When such atmosphere-focused clean guitars and dark vocals are followed by some thrashy riffs and galloping drums, it’s a bit anticlimactic.

“The End Is Nigh” is proof that the band are capable of brilliant things, and of standing out from the crowd. Abandoning the groove metal elements completely isn’t needed, but if pushed into a more progressive (and, to an extent, more epic) direction would result in a more complete sound.

Regardless of that, Organic Perception is one hell of a debut, with a handful of parts that will definitely take you off guard (in a good way). Create|Destroy are a band worth keeping an eye on. It’ll be interesting to see where future material goes.

Band: Create|Destroy
Album: Organic Perception
Year: 2012
Genre: Thrash/Death/Progressive
Label: Independent
Origin: Melbourne, Australia

Track list:
1. Sterilizer
2. Seal of Secrecy
3. Deathbringer
4. Lifeless
5. Antithesis
6. Mother of the Hive
7. Contortionist
8. …And the Sea Shall Give Up Its Dead
9. The Beginning of the End
10. The End is Nigh


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