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Album Reviews : Lune – Ghost

By on June 7, 2020

This Melbourne five-piece haven’t been around very long, but this, their debut five track EP, displays a band that has hit the ground running, taken the ball and kicked a booming torpedo punt through the big sticks (which, for those not versed in the esoteric world of Australian Football, means they’ve kicked a big goal with this release).

This is an EP that should have a very broad appeal within the modern Aussie, and indeed international, heavy music scene. The enormously fat grooves and breakdowns, and the regular but never overdone moments of soaring melody (check out opening cut Ghost) will please your everyday, garden variety metalcore fan no end, while the EP strays into deathcore territory at times to satiate those of a slightly more brutal persuasion. Lune walk this fine line very skilfully here.

The songs are short, sharp and right up in your face like a sonic fist to the bridge of your nose, and it’s all delivered with an inflamed passion that infects your psyche and is impossible to ignore. Best track award goes to the mid-EP stomper Manipulator, which manages to both bring the chaos in no uncertain terms and be interesting and dynamic musically at the same time. The last 30 seconds of this track will be one of the most blistering and gut-wrenching sequences of music you will hear this year.

A word on frontman Nathaniel Smith. He delivers his deep and dark lyrical content and rage-ridden vocal lines with a commitment to the cause that is infectious and inspired, while the thundering band lock in like a clenched fist behind him.

Lune have made a rather auspicious debut with Ghost, a debut that begs the question ‘if this is what they can produce within only a year or so of their inception, what can they come up with with a few more years of writing, creativity and live performance under their collective belt?’ I for one, am breathless with anticipation to find out…

Band: Lune
EP: Ghost
Year: 2020
Genre: Deathened metalcore
Label: Independent
Origin: Australia


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