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Album Reviews : Wardaemonic – Acts of Repentance

By on April 18, 2020

It can often take bands a considerable length of time for some to find the sound which they are looking for. This needs to possess the right mix of musicians and driven attitudes to succeed in a time where especially extreme metal is flooded with 1000’s of bands and some who do not stand out from the pack.

Wardaemonic was formed in 2005 from the ashes of defunct symphonic black metallers “Avantguard”. Numerous lineup changes have occurred since then and the sound of the band has matured increasingly. The mainstays of the band Dan Grainger and Brad Trevaskis have played in other bands during that time thus growing together as a formidable drum and bassist combo. Adding other musicians to the band who complement the vision that which they have had has been vital to ensuring the band continues to grow. Four full-length releases and an EP show they are getting the attention they deserve as well as numerous tours around Australia and USA are a testament to the direction they have been heading for some time now.

The sheer length of the tracks on Acts of Repentance does take you on a journey through the depths of the underworld and further through the unknown. The album begins relentlessly and takes the listener through wave after wave of black metal artistry. The percussive work of Maelstrom is a huge highlight of the record as it displays a versatility which is not sometimes seen in drummers playing this style of music. The opening track of the album can almost be described as hypnotic in a way which can be seen as being dynamic and with an array of different textures. The next track on the album “Act II – Admission showcases just how far they’ve come as songwriters. A balance between intensity and haunting melodies is showcased massively here.

Act III – Castigation is the longest track on the record and has some of the best drumming on the album. The coming together of blistering drumming, tremolo-picked riffage and synth melodies the listener becomes surrounded by the many elements which this one of the stand out tracks on Acts of Repentance.

This continues throughout the rest of the album as it offers more and more atmospheric black metal moments of sheer class. The music is of a very high standard and showcases a band who has evolved significantly since their inception in 2005. Acts of Repentance is such an experience and sure to be among the best black metal albums of 2020.

Band: Wardaemonic
Album: Acts of Repentance
Year: 2020
Genre: Black Metal
Label: Transcending Obscurity Records
Origin: Australia