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News : MelodicRockFest is having difficulties securing bands and a venue.

By on March 4, 2020

Those with a close eye on social media will no doubt already be aware of the ongoing fiasco currently plaguing MelodicRockFest. A planned 3-day music festival in Melbourne at the National Theatre. Hosting some of the biggest Glam, Rock and AOR bands to hit Australia, including Fire House, Kip Winger, Enuff Z’Nuff, Eclipse, Ron Keel, Paul Laine, Janet Gardner and many more.

This was all originally set to take place on Friday, 6th March and conclude on Sunday, 8th March at the National Theatre. However, as of yesterday (March 3rd 2020) patrons have received an email confirmation from the venue, advising MelodicRockFest will no longer be taking place at the National Theatre in Melbourne and will be processing refunds over the next few days. If patrons who purchased tickets to MelodicRockFest have any queries regarding refunds they can contact or call (03) 9525 4611. The promoter has since advised patrons and fans they’re working on securing a new venue.

Unfortunately, a secure venue isn’t the only thing plaguing MelodicRockFest as many of the pre-booked bands like Paul Laine, XYZ, Eclipse and Crazy Lixx decided to cut ties with the promoter and the festival due to potentially breaking contractual obligations. What does this mean? We are not really sure ourselves. But we assume whoever is making posts on the official MelodicRockFest Facebook page (most likely the promoter) wants to be as transparent as possible without giving to much away. Read the full statement below.

The above statement was further reinforced with comments from Ron Keel, Janet Gardner and Kip Winger, all confirming their contracts were honoured by the promoter and are grateful to be in, or coming to Australia this week.

The festival organisers have since kept steady updates flowing on the official MelodicRockFest Facebook page. advising of more bands dropping off the festival due to further “contractual conflicts”. With that said, in the last few hours, the festival has gone from a 3-day music festival to now a 2-day festival with no definitive confirmation of who’s actually playing since the poster you saw at the top of this article has yet to be updated. and is still displayed on the MelodicRockFest event page.

Unfortunately, the only thing consistent with MelodicRockFest at the moment is the non-stop apologies. Those unsure of what to do can contact the MelodicRockFest Facebook page directly or send an email to the provided mailbox on the official MelodicRockFest Facebook page

Those wanting to get the full story or check out the remaining sideshows currently booked in Australia with selected artists from the festival line-up can jump on the official MelodicRockFest Facebook page and follow the trail of updates.


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