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Interviews : “We will combine a set with both the old and new…” – An interview with Michael Stützer (Artillery)

By on February 4, 2020

Danish thrash metal originals Artillery is in the country for a series highly anticipated shows, and the band’s founder and all-round nice guy Michael Stützer is thrilled to perform down under finally. 

The conversation with Stützer got off to an excellent start courtesy of the choice of band t-shirt he’s wearing in his Skype avatar, Rainbow‘s Rising (’76). Both interviewer and interview subject found common ground discussing the albums overlooked genius before turning to the matter at hand. 

With Stützer keen to address as much material as possible from Artillery’s nine album catalogue for their Australian fans during the tour, the group have some prime cuts read hot and ready. 

“For the Australian shows, we will be changing two songs, so we have two new ones on each show,” he said. 

“We will combine a set with both the old and new songs, and we always do that because some fans want to hear the past and some want to listen to the new songs. 

“However classic songs like “Terror Squad” (Terror Squad-’87), “Khomaniac” (By Inheritance– ’90) and “The Almighty” (Fear of Tomorrow– ’85), these are songs that we try and keep in the setlist all the time”.

That the tour is the first time Artillery will set foot on Australian soil is a fact which may surprise some seasoned readers, yet Stützer is keen to address that he has felt the love over the years from the bands’ many Australian fans.

“There are some hardcore Artillery fans in Australia, and it’s great to finally let them know that we are coming because for me personally because I have always wanted to go,” he said. 

“We have performed all over the world, but not in Australia and I am so pleased that we can play for the people that have written to me and asked when will be coming down.

“Also, I think that Australia is a great country.”

It’s reasonable to say that Artillery’s career has is staged over two acts, the first from 1982 to 1991, then there is a brief cameo and album in 1999 before the band got back together in 2008, an era that has since produced five albums. It’s that latter of the two prime era’s that has spawned the most records and given the band career longevity. 

Up until very recently Stützer’s brother, Morten, had been his right-hand man and six-string compadre for the entire duration of the bands’ career. Morten passed away in 2019, leaving a huge impression that has no doubt inspired many young hands to pick up a guitar and play ferocious speed metal.

Stützer recalls the duo’s evolution as musical partners, which got better with age. 

“At the start of the band, we did not agree on things, but after we reunited, we had similar ideas,” he said. 

“It was easy for us to work together, but we also had a good relationship with the other guys in the band, and we all became friends. The last album in particular, (Morten) and I were agreeing on a lot of things, and it was very cool.”

Artillery is currently in Australia for select shows across the country. Tickets are on sale now via OzTix.

Feb 4th – Gold Coast – Vinnies Dive – TICKETS
Feb 5th – Brisbane – Crowbar – TICKETS
Feb 6th – Canberra – The Basement – TICKETS
Feb 7th – Melbourne – Stay Gold – TICKETS
Feb 8th – Adelaide – Churches Of Steel IV Fest – TICKETS
Feb 9th – Sydney – Frankie’s Pizza (Free Entry) – TICKETS


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