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Live Reviews : Wolves In The Throne Room, Illyria and Bloodlust @ Badlands, Perth 28/11/2019

By on November 29, 2019

American black metal bands can be somewhat of a rare commodity. A country is rarely known for its icy cold grim riffage, Wolves in the Thorne Room have created a name for themselves ever since their inception in 2002. Consisting mainly of 2 brothers: Aaron and Nathan Weaver they rely largely on session drummers, keyboardists and bassists for their live shows. The band was originally scheduled to tour Australia back in 2017, but due to Dave Cutbush (owner of Life is Noise touring) who had allegations against him of sexual misconduct, it was cancelled along with numerous other tours which were called off.

Up first on the bill was local black/thrashers Bloodlust, who are well known among the local scene as various members are also in such bands as Depravity, Cold Fate and the now-defunct Mhorgl. Possessing a sound which harks back to the ’80s where Slayer, Sodom, Celtic Frost and alike ruled the earth. The twin axe attack of Rob Thrope and Josh Voorn cut through the venue like a sharp razor blade. Frontman Louis Rando unleashed wave after wave of black metal screams deep from the clutches of the abyss which really set the tone for their set. The main man Seb Giorgi behind the kit kept it all together and provided the perfect backbone for such a band.

The second local support on the night was post-black metallers Illyria. A band who arent exactly my cup of tea, but having heard them before I can appreciate what they are doing and they do a good job of it. Their sound has been compared to Alcest on a number of occasions, but I get the feeling they are attempting to forge their own path. They provided a worthy precursor to Wolves in the Throne and seem to be a young band doing great things for themselves (even if it isn’t exactly the style of music which I can relate to)

WITTR hit the stage at around 2145 hrs and from the beginning of their set it was apparent we were in for something special. The band’s nature-inspired brand of arcane black metal gave a sense of ancient tree roots attempting to force their way through the floors of the Badlands venue. Haunting and melancholic at times passages in their songs create an aura in which the listener truly feels transported to the savageness of nature. They receive rapturous applause from an impressive crowd and I for one was more than impressed with what they displayed.

Get along to see this band in your city if the opportunity presents itself. You won’t be disappointed!