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News : Lochlan Watt returns to Triple j’s ‘The Racket’ in January 2020.

By on November 20, 2019
Photo: Cole Bennetts

Earlier this year, Lochlan Watt, host of Triple j’s ‘The Racket‘ had to undergo aggressive radiation chemotherapy to treat a diffuse grade III glioma after doctors discovered a tumour in Lochlan’s brain. After months of chemotherapy treatment, Lochlan has announced the ongoing treatment has put him in a good place and he’s currently on the road to total recovery.

Lochlan Watt posted the following message on the official Racket Facebook page:

Lots of big triple j news today so I’ll keep it short. My recovery from surgery and ongoing treatment could not be going any better and I am on track for a complete and total recovery. I know you’ve been having fun with Mitch, but chemotherapy isn’t quite as brutal as was expected, and I can’t stay away from the airwaves much longer. I will return for my ninth year as full time host of THE RACKET from January 2020.

Your ongoing support means the world!


Mitch Alexander, vocalist of Melbourne’s Eye of the Enemy has been held the reigns of the show during Lochlan’s recovery process and will continue to do so until January 2020 when Lochlan returns to the airwaves.

Stay tuned to the official Facebook page of The Racket for future updates.


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