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News : Sydney’s LORD Launch “Nod to the Old School” Podcast Series.

By on November 11, 2019

One of Australia’s premier heavy metal acts, LORD (formally Dungeon) are continuing to ride the success of their latest album Fallen Idols with the newly announced podcast series titled ‘Nod to the Old School’. A new 10 part podcast series hosted by LORD bassist and podcaster, Andy Dowling.

Both fans of LORD and Andy Dowling will be aware of his current long-standing podcast series, The Andy Social Podcast which began in 2015.

The newest podcast ‘Nod to the Old School’ is all about the old school generation mixtape and metal compilations. The mixtape played a pivotal role in the evolution of many adolescents during the late 70s, leading all the way into the early 2000s. For heavy metal music enthusiasts, the mixtape was the best way to discovering new bands and making new friends.

Now with the introduction of Spotify, Youtube, Apple Music and the bajillion other applications on your smart device for sorting and sourcing music. The mixtape is a distant memory to some, but its general formula and aesthetic have continued to stay relevant into many mediums, including flash drives, iPods and your everyday smartphone.

The 10 episodes, which will be released over November and December, match up with the 10 tracks from Fallen Idols. The array of guests are as varied as the styles covered in LORD’s latest release, further solidifying the love of the metal mixtape.

Andy says, “I’ve been podcasting for the past 5 years with my own show The Andy Social Podcast, so it’s only natural that we now bring the worlds together. We are using the popularity of podcasts to not only share great stories from these amazing people in the metal world but to further promote LORD and our new album Fallen Idols”.

Episode 1 features the legendary Andy LaRocque of King Diamond which is available right now on all podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify and more. The remaining episodes will be periodically released over the coming weeks.

Release schedule;

1. Andy LaRocque (King Diamond) – Friday, November 8th.
2. Jennie Skulander (Devilskin) – Tuesday, November 12th
3. Daniel Dekay (ExciterDiemondsBanger TV) – Friday, November 15th
4. David Ellefson (Megadeth) – Tuesday, November 19th
5. Willie Gee (Guitar Tech for SlayerAnthraxMegadeth and more) – Friday, November 22nd
6. Brittney Slayes (Unleash the Arches) – Tuesday, November 26th
7. Johnny Dee (Doro) – Friday, November 29th
8. Lord Tim (LORDBlackened AngelSerenity Defiled) – Tuesday, December 3rd
9. Joel Green (WitchskullArmoured Angel) – Friday, December 6th
10. Paul Murphy (Utopia Records in Sydney) – Tuesday, December 10th


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