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News : Higgo’s Distortion returns to Triple M’s Hard n’ Heavy.

By on November 2, 2019

Dave “Higgo” Higgins, host of Distortion, will return to the Triple M airwaves on Monday, 4th November at 8pm AEDT on Triple M’s Hard n’ Heavy.

Hard n’ Heavy is the latest station to hit DAB+ by Australia’s leading rock and alternative radio station, Triple M. The station made its debut on October 1st, launching in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Triple M’s Head of Music, Mickey Maher comments.

“Australia has a large and very passionate fan base of Hard Rock & Heavy Metal yet, until now, it’s a genre that has been under-serviced on Australian radio. The people have spoken and we are really excited to launch Hard N Heavy. I’m sure the fans won’t be disappointed!”

Higgo’s has carried the torch for local and international bands with his longstanding podcast and promotional platform, Distortion. Interviewing a plethora of hard and heavy bands, and musicians from home and abroad for many years.

He will now venture back into the mainstream airwaves to bring Australia more quality and in-depth interviews with some of the world’s biggest heavy metal and hard rock bands, plus play local and international heavy music at his new home on Triple M’s Hard n’ Heavy via DAB+, online, and the app for Apple and Android devices.

Head to the official Hard n’ Heavy Facebook page for full details.


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