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Album Reviews : Code Atlantic – Eclipses

By on September 14, 2019

This Sydney-based heavy alt-rock four-piece recently released their debut seven track EP, and it displays a band on the brink of finding their true voice.

All the elements of a potentially great alt rock act are here, the tones are dark, the heavy parts hit hard, the melodies are sweet and the musicianship is tight. And it all comes together to best effect on the EP’s heaviest, and best cut, Illusion, with its enormous groove, fat as hell guitars, ballsy-arse verses and soaring chorus. It takes a pinch of 90s era Alice in Chains, adds swathes of modern Aussie alternative rock, and winds up working a treat.

There are some nice dynamics going on here too. After the slam and stomp of Illusion, the band serves up a gentle, if eerie piano-based interlude on Present, leading into the slow-burning but inspirational The Lonely. Resistance juxtaposes moody, melancholy verses with another huge chorus payoff, while Future closes proceedings in surprising, grindy industrial fashion.

A little more work may be required for this band to truly make their mark on the alt rock scene, a little tightening of the screws around the edges and adding a sprinkling of depth and dynamics to the vocals will do the trick. Since they have only been around for a few years and this being their debut release, they have plenty of time.

Code Atlantic have oceans of potential, they just need to keep working hard at their craft and they will crack the code of success. Definitely one to watch.

Band: Code Atlantic
Album:  Eclipses
Year: 2019
Genre: Alternative heavy rock
Label: Independent
Origin: Australia


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