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Articles : Australian metal bands get the chance to be a part of Wacken Metal Battle.

By on September 2, 2019
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Wacken is a name that has become wholly identified with metalheads, and a shining beacon for metal and rock bands globally for the last thirty years. For those who have been living under a rock for that period of time. Here is a brief history.

Wacken is a remote town, roughly an hours drive from Germany’s second-largest city, Hamburg, where one of the world’s biggest and longest-running heavy metal festival’s, Wacken Open Air takes place annually throughout the European summer.

Wacken Open Air began its infancy in the summer of 1990 with 800 attendees descending upon the remote town to watch six local bands. Fast forward to 2019. The festival now brings in an annual attendance of 86,000 metalheads from around the world, including staff and personnel.

Wacken is known for many things; hosting some of the biggest names in heavy metal and rock, creating a unified fellowship amongst those who attend, breaking down cultural differences with the universal language of music, and of course, selling out tickets in an insane amount of time and putting most promoters to shame.

In 2004, Wacken Metal Battle began to take shape and has since been an integral part of the festival. Bringing together unsigned metal bands from all over the globe to perform at the festival to make their mark.

Unfortunately, most Australian bands were unable to be a part of Wacken Open Air outside of those who made their mark previously touring Europe with the likes of Rose Tattoo, Airbourne, Black Majesty, Vanishing Point, Thy Art Is Murder and most recently, Lagerstein.

Well, all that’s about to change with Wacken Metal Battle finally making its debut in Australia throughout February 2020 thanks to the creative minds behind Pinnacle Music Group / Overdrive Touring. Submissions are currently open and will close on September 30th.

The rules are simple…

  • Your band doesn’t have a deal and isn’t about to sign to a label in the near future.
  • Your band can easily play a 30 minute set consisting of your own songs.
  • You’re not a band that won former, which means the year before, Metal Battle heats.
  • Bands, that participated the years before, but didn’t win any of the regional heats may re-apply.
  • Bands that won national or international finals can’t participate anymore.

Please send your application (EPK, 3-4 songs, photo, band info and contact address) via the application page at Entries close September 30th, 2019.

Full list of preliminary and finals dates can be found here.

To find out more about Wacken Metal Battle, head to For band and ticket details regarding Wacken 2020, head to


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