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News : Local supports announced for upcoming Dark Angel Australian tour.

By on August 29, 2019

Hardline Media have recently announced the local tour supports for the upcoming debut Dark Angel tour hitting Australia in late September. Forming in 1983, during the peak of the Bay Area Thrash movement, Dark Angel has been at the forefront of thrash metal, releasing their highly influential sophomore release Darkness Descends in 1986 alongside the other big names in thrash.

Australia will have their chance to see Dark Angel touring the first time ever in September with select dates in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide with specials guests.

National support, King Parrot will be leading the charge for Dark Angel in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, with Laceration Mantra opening in Brisbane on September 25th at The Zoo. Lethal Vendetta opening Sydney on September 26th at the Manning. Harlott in Melbourne on September 27th at Max Watts. Adelaide fans will have Truth Corroded and Hidden Intent opening the night’s proceedings on September 28th.

Tickets on sale now. Click here to secure yours today.


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