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Interviews : “It feels awesome to be selling out shows here in Australia” – An interview with Henri Sison (Disentomb)

By on August 7, 2019

Brisbane brutal death metallers Disentomb have recently released their third full-length album The Decaying Light and completed a tour of Australian alongside Whoretopsy. I caught up with drummer Henri Sison to chat about the recent developments in the Disentomb camp.

At the forefront of the conversation was the upcoming tour around Australia. “Obviously, there are a lot fewer places to play compared to somewhere like the states or Europe so the market is a lot smaller.” explains Sison. “To be honest, Australia has been sort of hit and miss for us in the past but this current tour we’re doing has been huge. It feels awesome to be selling out shows here in Australia.” Playing on their home turf brings Australian metal itself to mind for the band. When asked what came to his mind when thinking of Australian metal, Sison responded ” Quality. The amount of amazing bands that come from a country with a population as small as ours doesn’t make any sense. I’m not too why sure why that’s the case but it doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon.”

The new album was another discussion for us. “The songwriting process wasn’t particularly different from the last couple of albums. I think now we just have a lot more of a clear focus on how we want the end result to sound.” The Decaying Light appears to have been a step forward for the band into newer territory. Sison told me that “We were all over the moon with outcome of this album and the next one is already shaping up to take things further… As cliched as it sounds, I guess our sound has matured since we got older. There used to be a lot more of a focus on a song sounding heavy rather than everything flowing to form a piece of music. We’re a lot more mind of the composition and using tension and release to make a song sound like it goes somewhere.” This development has not come easily, requiring a great deal of work from the band that they are proud to share with their fans. “For me personally there were some pretty rough patches while writing and recording this album so it means a lot more than just a bunch on a CD. I’m just excited for people to listen to the full thing and form their interpretation of what it is.”


Ben is a metalhead originally from Sydney, who has now moved to Hobart to pursue a PhD in Australian extreme metal. When not studying, writing about or playing metal, he can be found playing video games, browsing Reddit, knitting, fending off his cat or helping out at his local church.