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News : Lochlan Watt, host of Triple J’s ‘The Racket’ is in the midst of beating cancer in his brain.

By on July 3, 2019

Lochlan Watt, host of the long-standing ‘The Racket’ series, a weekly metal radio station held on Tuesday nights from 10pm AEDT on FM radio’s Triple J station was recently given some horrific news. Doctors discovered a tumour in Lochlan’s brain in February this year, and after successful treatment in May, further results revealed Lochlan had a diffuse grade III glioma, which unfortunately means further treatment will be required.

Over the next few months, Lochlan will undergo radiation chemotherapy in order to eradicate any remaining cancer where the initial tumour grew. During this time, Lochlan will take substantial time off from his radio duties to combat with the treatment and recover.

Lochlan Watt comments:

“This has been a very intense journey, one that has also revealed to me a lot of light in the world. The support has been overwhelming, honestly. I’m happy to have THE RACKET looked after by my good friend Mitch for now, but can’t wait to kick him out of the chair in due time.”

During this arduous period, Lochlan’s friends have put together a Gofundme page to help pay for Lochlan’s medical and living expenses. We encourage you to donate what you can to help Lochlan out so he can get back on his feet, and back on the national airwaves.

The campaign’s been running for over 24 hours now and has already accumulated over $15,000. If you wish to donate and help Lochlan Watt back on his feet, please donate what you can to the Gofundme page here.

The Gofundme page will explain everything a little more clearly. Everyone at Metal Obsession wishes Lochlan Watt a healthy and speedy recovery.

During this transition, Mitch Alexander, vocalist of Melbourne’s Eye Of The Enemy and writer of Metal Obsession is taking over the radio reign while Lochlan recovers. Head to the official Racket Facebook page for more details


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