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News : Melbourne’s Envenomed release new album artwork and single.

By on June 11, 2019

Earlier this year Melbourne melodic thrash quartet, Envenomed signed a deal with El Puerto Records, a label based out of Gerstetten, Germany. This will give the band a much-needed push in the European market as they have already dominated the Australian market for many years supporting top tier local and international touring artists, including Japan’s Loudness, The Iron Maidens and Dragonland.

The band’s previous European label Punishment 18 Records helped the band get a foothold of Europe, releasing their debut album Evil Unseen and two EPs.

The band’s current roster consists of Anthony Mavrikis on vocals and guitars, Tom Nugara on bass, Brendan Farrugia on lead guitars and newcomer, John Price on drums. On a side note, John Price is the new drummer for Envenomed yet, Dan Presland from Ne Obliviscaris holds this position on the album.

Envenomed have released the artwork for their latest release The Walking Shred. The album artwork was created by Melbourne based designer ThrashWolf, whose works include Taberah, Elm Street, Psycroptic and a slew of international artists.

The band have released a new metal anthem ‘Metal United’ (which is actually a bonus track on the new album) to promote the Metal United World Wide organisation.

Envenomed will be performing in Melbourne on Saturday, June 15th at the Bendigo Hotel for Metal United World Wide alongside Dreadnaught, The Ascended, Lethal Vendetta and many more. Click here and smash that “going” button to let everyone know you’ll be there.

In addition, Envenomed will be jetting off to Europe this July to perform in Italy, Germany and France among other territories. Head to the official Envenomed Facebook page for full details.


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