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News : Superheist returns with a new album on Australia’s newest record label.

By on May 3, 2019

This year will mark the return of Australia’s premier heavy ensemble, Superheist, and the release of their fourth studio album ‘Sidewinder‘. The album will be available to the public from May 3rd through Australia’s newest record label Black Mountain Music, which will make its debut with the release of Superheist’s latest release.

Superheist is currently promoting their newest single ‘The Riot’ via the band’s official Youtube channel. Fans can also purchase the new album ‘Sidewinder’, available from literally every single known digital media outlet here.

Black Mountain Music is the brainchild of Superheist frontman, DW Norton who goes on to comment.

“It really is with an overwhelming sense of pride and achievement that on the 25th year of Superheist’s existence we are releasing Sidewinder, which is a record that I was fortunate enough to be heavily involved with writing, producing and mixing, but I also get to launch my record label Black Mountain Music. Sidewinder is a reflection of where The Heist are presently and the environment in which we live. It also represents where we are as songwriters, musicians and where I am as a producer.

Black Mountain Music is much more than just a mechanism for me to release Superheist material too – It’s a statement of intent about imparting my decades of experience to influence the Australian music industry through an independent record label that acts with integrity and nurtures’ and supports talented bands that we believe in.”

For more information on Black Mountain Music, head to the official website Head to the official Superheist Facebook page for tour dates and more

‘Sidewinder’ out now via Black Mountain Music.


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