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News : Nuclear Blast launches Australia and New Zealand A&R Division.

By on April 4, 2019

Nuclear Blast Records is one of the biggest heavy metal and hard rock record labels on the planet. Home to such great artists as Nightwish, Amorphis, Sabaton, Opeth, Accept, Slayer and many more. The label has announced something massive with the recently signed A&R Division venture into the Australian and New Zealand market. The label has always played a pivotal role in the Oceanic market, but with the recently signed venture, we could see the potential signing of local metal and hard rock artists.

Long term employee and newly appointed Nuclear Blast Oceania Managing Director John Howarth states ‘’these are exciting times for the music industry here in Australian and New Zealand, finally we will have the option to sign local bands to the brand. There will be several options that we can explore. One is directly to the Nuclear Blast label be it Global or Local, the other is world class digital platform services with Believe.’’N

Believe Digital recently acquired a majority stake in the label and has seen these giants of the music industry join forces in an alliance of two massive companies’ intent on exploring all options in the music industry and especially deeply develop the digital side of things whilst continuing to drive their highly lucrative physical product.

‘’We were looking into this market for a long time already. This area already brought such great artists to the world and has so many dedicated fans and bands. We are stoked to take the next step down under with John (Howarth), who has been our major asset in this great country for so many years now and looking forward to further develop strong relationships in Australia & New Zealand.’’commented Nuclear Blast Managing Director Marcus Hammer

‘’Global Deals, Local Deals and straight Digital Distribution Deals with Believe will be on offer. The prestige to being signed by Nuclear Blast is something a lot of local bands tell me is something they dream about. Although we will do the deals here, everything accounting wise will still run through Europe.’’ says Howarth.

‘’I look forward to developing the local market and local acts, there is so much talent here and to have a new player in the game is one that is needed, bands need options and we will offer another avenue’’

“As a global business it’s vital that we develop a strong A&R strategy which allows us to identify and sign the best artists. Launching A&R in Australia and New Zealand is a huge opportunity to collaborate with amazing some local artists.’’

‘’It is going to be a very interesting and fun time scouting for bands. I know my inbox will blow up big time. If it’s in the straight-out Rock to Metal genres and all in between, I am interested. This is a huge boost for the Australian and New Zealand Music Industry, and we intend to be competitive. I really want managers and artists to reach out and I am really looking forward to discovering potential signings. So let’s bring it on!’’

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