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Articles : Orpheus Omega ‘Wear Your Sins’ Track by Track Commentary.

By on March 29, 2019

Orpheus Omega has unleashed their crushing new release ‘Wear Your Sins’. This is album number 4 for the Melbourne based melodic death metal ensemble, and the debut release with their newly signed deal with Australian based record label, EVP Recordings.

The album has been produced by famed US producer, Mark Lewis, who has worked with the likes of Trivium, The Black Dahlia Murder, Cannibal Corpse, DevilDriver and Ne Obliviscaris‘ most recent release ‘Urn‘.

Orpheus Omega shares a special track by track commentary for the entire ‘Wear Your Sins’ album on Metal Obsession. Start reading below.

Fans can purchase the album via Nerve Gas with a limited edition orange/blue and purple splatter vinyl, plus a jewel case CD edition.

Wear Your Sins is destined to become not only a breakthrough effort from the group but also a classic album in the landscape of modern heavy metal. This promise is delivered on the back of highly refined songwriting and meticulous attention to detail in sound design, leaving no stone unturned and no idea unscrutinized.

It also features the following special guests; vocals by Niilo Sevanen of Insomnium and tin whistle by Sophie Christensen of Valhalore on the track ‘Lighthouse’, vocals by Anna Murphy of Cellar Darling (ex-Eluveitie) on the title track ‘Wear Your Sins’ and a guitar solo by the venerable James Norbert Ivanyi on ‘Unblinking’.

1. Lighthouse
Lighthouse is a song that shadows the decisions we make in life and to not lose focus and track of the good parts of our lives be they people, places or things. It serves as a warning to not take those things for granted and instead embrace them and keep them near, to prevent losing them entirely. Essentially a song about regret and hindsight. The inclusion of the bleakness of Nillo’s guest vocals only adds to the whole feel of the song.

2. In Time
The music and lyrics for In Time came together really quickly over a few nights. Steeped in frustration and anger for where our world is at the moment, the song looks at the pitfalls of extremism and division. We either see what’s happening or one day all that’s left will be to start again.

3. Suffer
It’s hard to escape the visceral nature of Suffer much like the brutality and groove of the music the lyrics are unrelenting and direct. It’s about pain and the harm we do to ourselves in the dark corners of our own minds away from others.

4. When Hope Gives Way To Reason
It’s easy to let others run your life for you, to let authority and those in places of power control who and what you are, but sometimes you have to drop that hope and faith and start thinking for yourself, take control of your own life and path.

5. Insinerate
Insinerate is a song that deals with guilt and regret and how it burns us from within when we finally realize the mistakes we’ve made. We spelt it this way to capture the word sin as part of incinerate as your sins will burn you no matter who you are, it may not be right away but they do catch up with you, but also accepting what you’ve done and learning from it, the song is a journey.

6. Unblinking
Unblinking is about how people choose to perceive the world and society around them. If you don’t seek truth you are never burdened by the realities of the world but at the same time what is truth? Although we don’t try to answer the question directly it’s more a call to look at the world for what it is not what we want it to be or what we are sometimes told it is. We live in complex times and that’s why the song never truly answers these questions.

7. Swim In The Black
This is definitely one of the darkest songs on the album lyrically, and cleverly juxtaposed by the more upbeat groove style it’s wrapped in. The song delves into the dreadful feelings we all have at one time or another, a lack of self-worth, anxiety, depression, that no one is there, we are, therefore, all swimming in the black somewhere in our lives.

8. Wash It All Away
Wash it all away is about being responsible for your actions and not shirking your responsibilities. We as people are the destroyers but we can also become saviours but if we don’t accept our shortcomings we can’t grow and learn how to heal our own lives and the world around us. And inevitably we will destroy everything we hold dear.

9. Distorted Words
Distorted Words is a look at people who talk the talk but don’t necessarily walk the walk. What you see in public isn’t what is happening behind closed doors, it’s full of metaphor and can be a reflection on many areas of our lives but it’s up to the listener to place where it makes the most sense for them.

10. Wear Your Sins
The title track of the album was the last song to be finished lyrically and musically, it was a journey that really encompassed the creation of the album in so many ways. Thematically the song plays out like a break up between two people, but read between the lines a little and it becomes much deeper than that, about the realization of one’s own mistakes and failures, and the separation that must happen in order to move forward.

‘Wear Your Sins’ is available worldwide on March 29th, 2019 through EVP Recordings and Nerve Gas.

Orpheus Omega has confirmed national tour dates across Australia with special guests Omnium Gatherum, direct from Finland. Tickets are on sale now via Soundworks Direct.

April 10 – Canberra | The Basement 
April 12 – Sydney | Crowbar 
April 13 – Brisbane | Crowbar 
April 15 – Wellington | Valhalla *
April 16 – Auckland | Whammy Bar *
April 17 – Adelaide | Enigma Bar 
April 18 – Ballarat | Karova Lounge 
April 19 – Geelong | The Barwon Club 
April 20 – Melbourne | Corner Hotel 
April 26 – Hobart | The Brisbane Hotel **
April 27 – Launceston | Mode Bar **


* Orpheus Omega not appearing
** Omnium Gatherum not appearing


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