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News : Melbourne’s AMDBL releases new album details.

By on January 30, 2019

Melbourne based death metal quartet, A Million Dead Birds Laughing, has been steadily releasing new material via their social media channels to promote their forthcoming new album “To The Ether”, being released on Monday, 11th February 2019.

At the beginning of January this year, the band posted a playthrough video of Dan Presland (Ne Obliviscaris) pumping out a drum track from the then-untitled new album.

Soon after, the promotion of additional playthrough videos, artwork and eventually the album’s title came into the public eye.

AMDBL’s first single ‘Black Hole Spirit’ was released on January 13th and is currently streaming via the band’s official Youtube channel. The first single was produced AMDBL guitarist Ben Boyle and famed Melbourne based music producer, Troy Mccosker. The band posted the following via of their Facebook page regarding the first single.

We are very proud to present ‘Black Hole Spirit’, from our upcoming record ‘To The Ether’. Once again we have taken a journey down a new musical path, but retaining our roots of emotional and aggressive grindcore. This record is 100% independent, financed and created by this entity entirely. We have been working on this material for a long time, and we strongly feel it is the best representation of our music to date.

The band’s second single ‘Pink Smoke / Vacuum Rot’ was released on January 29th and is currently streaming via the band’s official Youtube and social media channels. The band comments on the new single.

The second single and second piece of the puzzle from our upcoming album ‘TO THE ETHER’ – ‘PINK SMOKE // VACUUM ROT’ is a pivotal track in the narrative of the album; that boasts two complimentary halves, the frantic and brutal first movement, along with the driving melodic second movement, and gives more of an insight into the two sides and different moods on the new album.

As stated by the band this project is 100% independent and financed by AMDBL. They also go on to say “we strongly feel it is the best representation of our music to date”, and we couldn’t agree more.

AMDBL is currently taking pre-orders for “To The Ether” via their official Bandcamp page. Click here to secure your copy today.

AMDBL current lineup consists of Ben Boyle (guitars), Dan Presland (Drums), Nick Rackham (Bass) and Adam Stewart (Vocals). To find out more, head to the band’s official Facebook page.


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