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News : Sydney’s Lethal Vendetta release ‘No Prisoners No Mercy’ music video.

By on January 26, 2019

Sydney based heavy metal five-piece, Lethal Vendetta, has recently released a music video to coincide with the title track ‘No Prisoners No Mercy’ from the band’s latest album. The music video is currently streaming via the band’s official Youtube channel.

The band’s inspiration for the song comes from the Battle of Thermopylae (The 300 Spartans). The title track expels the high energy and determination of the 300 strong Army who fought against the opposing Persian forces in 480 BC.

Lethal Vendetta currently consists of members Brent Logan (Vocals), Ben Drennan (Guitars), Liam Donelan (Lead Guitars), Jay Burnham (Bass) and Morris Markovic (Drums).L

Lethal Vendetta’s new album No Prisoners No Mercyis now available for download on iTunesCDBabySpotify or physical on their website.


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