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News : Cavalera brothers announce ‘Beneath The Remains’ & ‘Arise’ Australian tour this March.

By on January 16, 2019

Yes, you read correctly. The brothers Cavalera (Max and Iggor) have confirmed select tour dates across Australia this March to perform the classic Sepultura albums ‘Beneath The Remains’ (89) and Arise (91) in their entirety. The legendary duo last performed sold-out shows across Australia in 2017, performing the entirety of the classic ‘Roots’ (96) album.

Sunday 17 March – Metropolis, Fremantle – 18+
Tuesday 19 March – The Gov, Adelaide – 18+
Thursday 21 March – 170 Russell, Melbourne – 18+
Friday 22 March – Valley Drive In, Brisbane – 18+
Saturday 23 March – Metro Theatre, Sydney – 18+
Sunday 24 March – The Basement, Canberra – 18+

Tickets on sale now via Destroy All Lines.

‘Beneath The Remains’ is indisputably a certifiable thrash classic and one of the most brilliant pieces of thrash metal ever produced. To say the record catapulted the Brazilians onto the world stage is an understatement.

‘Arise’, as a standalone slice of artistic fury, remains one of metal’s most complete works—an album that erupted in its own right in regards to creative output, popularity and staying power, standing the test of time and is a relentless assault of speed and thrash metal


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