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News : Australia’s Rue Morgue Records launches its own label

By on December 19, 2018

Rue Morgue Records started out as an independent music outlet which supplies a plethora of rare and unique vinyl to the public. Rue Morgue Records has quickly solidified itself among the top tier independent online stores this year, offering a robust selection of heavy metal, rock and alternative releases, and is now taking on the role of an independent record label. Rue Morgue’s intentions are to support the local music industry by influencing artists and other like-minded people. Throughout the course of 2019, the label will be releasing exclusive and limited edition 7″ vinyl singles to some of the best-unsigned artists and bands. Click here to find out more!

Rue Morgue Records head honcho, John Raptis comments:

“We live in a highly disposable society. MP3’s, downloads, CDs and the like come and go. But for some reason, people tend to hang on to vinyl. It isn’t disposed. It isn’t thrown away. It lasts forever. Besides, there is no greater thrill for a young or not so young act – to have their music pressed and distributed on vinyl.”

John Raptis goes on regarding the label’s intentions for the new year.

“We’re looking for exciting and good acts across the gamut of hard and fast Rock N Roll. As long as the music is good as long as it has potential – we’ll put our stamp on it and back it to the hilt. All singles released by Rue Morgue Records The Label will be heavily promoted on our website and we will move Heaven, Hell and Earth to ensure that each single completely sells out. We want all our artists to go into a second printing!”

At the end of 2019 a 12” compilation LP will be produced and released annually. Entitled ‘Murders In The Rue Morgue Vol 1’ the first LP to be released in December of 2019 will feature 10 of the best single tracks released throughout the year.

Rue Morgue Records The Label announce their first signing with Western Australian vocalist Dan Brittain, formally of Electrik Dynamite and Shots Fired.

Dan comments:

“I am more than delighted to be associated with Rue Morgue Records The Label having a long friendship and business relationship with label head John Raptis. We work well together and have done so since 2011 when I was fronting Shots Fired. I cannot wait for everyone to see what we have in store and leading things off with my first single release ‘Celestial Seasons’.

‘Celestial Seasons’ sees Brittain drawing in deep from the music he loves and has listened to for years. He’s taken a step back from his usual hard rocking screaming frontman self and produced a track inspired by the likes of Deep Purple and Rainbow.

Label head Raptis comments:

“Dan sent me a bunch of demos months ago and I didn’t really give them the attention they deserved. Skimming through the recorded tracks, I instantly froze when the then-untitled ‘Celestial Seasons’ came on! This is truly such a great track. It has swagger and a killer old-school feel. I loved it then and I love it now!”

‘Celestial Seasons’ will be released in early 2019 in a 7″ vinyl format with picture sleeve and custom label. It will be a strictly limited edition package with handwritten lyric insert and signed by Dan Brittain.

To find out the full list of music available from Rue Morgue Records, head to the official website.


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