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News : Temple Nightside unleash full stream of ‘Recondemnation’

By on October 31, 2018

Australia’s Temple Nightside, featuring ex-members of Nazxul and Ulcerate recently unleashed the full stream of their forthcoming new recording ‘Recondemnation‘, due for release on November 1st through German metal label Iron Bonehead Productions. The album stream is currently available in its entirety via the label Bandcamp webpage. Alternatively, you can just hit play in the media player below and begin embracing the macabre and disturbing sounds of Temple Nightside. 

The press release states Recondemnation is less a re-recording of 2013’s Condemnation debut album as it is an actual reimagining.

Descent and re-initiation: a corpse reborn through the womb of its own extinction. The veins cut and re-tethered, bloodthirst paralleled only by the emptiness… The beast rears its face once again, to sup and gnaw, and this is how the limbless move… The crypt is reopened, the dead Recondemned. Here, within, lies Recondemnation.

The album artwork has also been made available to the public and can be seen below. To find out more about Temple Nightside, head to their official Facebook page. The band’s back catalogue is currently available to stream and purchase here.


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