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Interviews : “Every time I come down there its always been killer” – An interview with Joey Jordison (Sinsaenum)

By on October 31, 2018

Joey Jordison – Sinsaenum

As the dying embers of the 20th century flickered and made way for the new millennium, there was one band that captivated the attention of the resurgent metal audience more than most. It’s fair to say that global metal fans embraced the debut LP from Slipknot (Slipknot– ’99). The band’s Australian performances in February of the year 2000 were sold out affairs that out enthused even Korn and Rage Against The Machine’s chaotic live shows from the era. Yes, you had to be there to see it as descriptors will fall short of relaying the spectacle and atmosphere.

If one member of the Slipknot nine could be singled out for special attention that member would be Joey Jordison, then resident drummer and percussionist. He must be credited with keeping the derailing musical locomotive on track, as Jordison contended with an additional two percussionists crowding his exceptional groove.

Having left Slipknot in 2013, these days Jordison teams with French ace Frédéric Leclercq (DragonForce) to create the brilliant Pantera via Death exercises in Sinsaenum, who are about to perform two shows in Australia.

“Every time I come down there its always been killer and the fans have always been great. Coming down there now with an extreme death and black metal project in Sinsaenum … I expect nothing less every time that I’ve been there, so I think we’re gonna be coming down there and delivering all the music from the new release (Repulsion for Humanity) and just meeting all the fans and keep spreading our music.”

Leclercq is an outstanding musician who has featured elsewhere in this publication. His ‘can-do’ attitude inevitably attracted the attention of the world-class Jordison and a proposal to join forces. Jordison explains how the two met.

“We first met when Slipknot and DragonForce were touring together. We would hang out after the shows. After a while we started getting on the topic of death metal and bands, we had a lot of the same taste and everything. We talked… and a lot of bands talk about ‘yeah we’re gonna do a side project someday’. Obviously, Sinsaenum isn’t a side project anymore and it never was intended to be, but Fred started sending me demos and they were killer. I instantly hit him back the next thing you know we were in the studio. That’s how the whole thing started and three releases in, on tour and a video comes out. Things are starting to move pretty quick. It’s been a killer ride thus far and it doesn’t seem like there’s an end in sight so we’re gonna keep moving.”

A trans-Atlantic affair, Sinsaenum’s Repulsion for Humanity is a death metal infused groove metal monster that follows on from Pantera’s unheralded classic, The Great Southern Trendkill (’96).

In the grand tradition of masters Peter Sandoval (ex-Morbid Angel, Terrorizer) and Dave Lombardo (ex-Slayer, Fantomas, Dead Cross), Jordison’s percussive groove is so dominant his services have been called on for a variety of iconic bands; Ministry, Korn, Rob Zombie and perhaps the biggest scalp of them all… Metallica.

It seems an aeon ago, but Metallica needed a drummer for the 2004 instalment of the UK Download festival to fill in for a hospitalised Lars Ulrich. Recounting the event, the one point the writer wished to relay to Jordison was how calm he looked on stage drumming along to the most identifiable catalogue in all of heavy metal with bugger all time to prepare; Jordison has this to say.

“I played all but three songs during the set. (Dave) Lombardo did two songs and then Lar’s drum tech actually did “Fade to Black”, which was killer to see (him) step up and play, that was really cool. The show was killer, but it was really, really special just to be in their room, it was just us, alone. Everyone knew kinda what was going on… the hallway was packed with people listening and stuff, so it was even hard to get out, it was almost like there was a ‘show’ and then the big show. It was a cool experience man I mean, it was a dream come true. Shit like that just doesn’t happen. I guess right place right time and of course a huge Metallica fan always and I was lucky enough that I know all the songs and I’ve been a fan forever. Things like that just magically happen sometimes and yeah it was killer man.”


Thurs, Nov 8: The Factory Theatre, Sydney
Sat, Nov 10: Max Watts, Melbourne

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