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Interviews : “We’re still just riding the wave of excitement” – An interview with Trevor Strnad (The Black Dahlia Murder)

By on September 19, 2018

Trevor Strnad – The Black Dahlia Murder

Touring Australia in September with Belgium’s splatter/ grind masters Aborted, Trevor Strnad from The Black Dahlia Murder shares some thoughts ahead of the shows.

As is the norm for most extreme metal bands, Strnad and guitarist Brian Eschbach have survived many line up shifts. Starting with the embryonic demo album What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse (’01) could Strnad have foreseen a career now lasting eight albums over 15 years?

“No. I could have only dreamt of such a thing really. All I wanted to do was get one record out on a decent label and be like, ‘Cool, I did it. I put out an album that people can listen to.’ And get reviewed or whatever. It’s gone so far beyond that man; this thing has just snowballed. It just keeps getting bigger and bigger man it’s like this slow climb and we’ve been very lucky and eight albums in man… I would have never guessed this. Never, ever.”

Nightbringers is The Black Dahlia Murder’s most recent album. Released in 2017, the album achieved the highest average position across the many charts used to track sales. It’s fair to say the album success augers well for the band’s future.

“Yeah man, it’s actually exceeded our expectations. I think we’re still just riding the wave of excitement. Trying to take every opportunity to tour that we can. That this has made possible. I think we’re going to end up on this a little bit longer than we normally would. I think that we’ll still see an album coming out next year but not quite as early as normal for us.”

Australian tours are generally well anticipated by bands from north of the equator. The sun, the beer and the famous Australian attribute of receiving touring acts well, Strnad is keen to share the experience with Aborted.

“I’m looking forward to it immensely. We’ve had a great time out there so far. This will be really cool to be out there with Aborted. They’re old friends of ours and yeah man, I’m immensely looking forward to it. It’s been a busy season for you.”

The teaming of the two bands is an excellent idea. Just who comes up with these bills anyway?

“It was definitely a Soundworks idea. We’ve been dealing them for a long time. We consider them really good friends. This is just going to be like a family affair with Aborted hanging out with them every day and being on the planes with them and stuff. Should be cool.”

For what is sure to be a night of well-contained lunacy and an entertainment, catch The Black Dahlia Murder touring with Aborted across capital cities.

For complete tour and ticket information, visit Soundworks Touring.

Sept 21st – Perth, The Hell Hole w/ Xenobiotic
Sept 22nd – Adelaide, Fowler’s (The New Dead Metalfest)
Sept 23rd – Melbourne, Max Watt’s w/ Blackhelm
Sept 24th – Hobart, Brisbane Hotel w/ Scoparia
Sept 25th – Newcastle, The Cambridge w/ Blade of Horus
Sept 26th – Canberra, The Basement w/ Wretch
Sept 27th – Sydney, The Factory w/ Anno Domini
Sept 28th – Brisbane, Crowbar w/ DISENTOMB


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