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Album Reviews : Triple Kill – Age Of Rebellion

By on September 15, 2018

Triple Kill is a 5 piece heavy metal band from Melbourne. Their debut full length entitled ‘Age of Rebellion’ is an ambitious and eclectic collection of traditional/thrash/power metal tracks.

The album gets underway with the short instrumental “Event Horizon”. Allowing myself to be critical, I actually think this is the weakest track on the album. I get what the band are going for,  but it’s a little unconvincing and I question whether this track is actually needed, especially when the title track, track 2,  seems tailor-made for opening proceedings. “Age of Rebellion” is generally an up-tempo thrashy number which has a really melodic, uplifting power metal style chorus and an interesting, extended mid-section.

The next few songs are damn solid and are up there with my favourites on the release – “Lords on Cinder”, “Decay” & “Fear the old Blood” – all three tracks are heavy grooves chock full of solid riffage. I also enjoy the more gruff, ballsy vocal style employed at times during these tracks too.

“Forward Unto Hell” is a cool little track, albeit I do kind of feel like there is a struggle between styles going on in this one – it’s part Machine Head, part ManOwar –  but somehow it works.

“Ran & The Alchemist” are both really enjoyable tracks and are good examples of how ambitious Triple Kill are with their composition.  Layered vocals & expansive instrumental interludes are all on show here. I hear a bit of Iron Maiden and a lot of “Terrano-Del-Ma”- era-Dungeon influences in these two tracks in particular (what, with the elaborate guitars and all the gang chanted ‘whooa-whoooas’!).  Time will tell whether Triple Kill will have the same impact on the Australian metal scene that Dungeon/LORD have had.

The 9 track album is closed out with “Tears of A burning Messiah” which is a straight-up banger, and actually my favourite track on the release. I hear a bit of Harlott in the vocal delivery of this modern thrash track, albeit it almost sounds like another band entirely.

All In all Triple Kill’s debut album is a really enjoyable collection of traditional heavy metal styles – from power metal to modern thrash. If I again allow myself to be critical, I would suggest that some of the 9 tracks are significantly different to the others from a stylistic viewpoint (especially regarding vocal delivery), which prevents the album from being a totally cohesive listen from front to back. But I guess in the same breath the range of styles keeps things fresh and interesting; In a day and age where people listen to music digitally, the album certainly won’t suffer from being listened to on shuffle. Age of Rebellion is a damn solid debut Album, and if traditional metal styles are your thing then I know there will be plenty on this disk to keep you entertained.

Band: Triple Kill
Album: Age Of Rebellion
Year: 2018
Genre: Thrash/Power Metal
Label: Independent
Origin: Australia


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