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News : Brisbane metallers Lifeblood release new single ‘Expand’, plus EP details

By on September 3, 2018

Brisbane metal newcomers Lifeblood has recently expanded their music catalogue with the release of their new single ‘Expand’ from their forthcoming new EP “The Air in My Lungs” which is set for release on Friday, 12th October this year. The new single will be available via all leading digital music outlets, including Spotify and iTunes from Friday, 24th August.

The new track has gained some momentum recently with playback on triple j’s Short Fast Loud, plus high rotation on Australia’s 24/7 metal radio station, The Faction. Check out the latest single below.

The EP “The Air in my Lungs” was recorded and mixed by Troy Brady (ex-The Amity Affliction) and mastered by Scott Simpson (Alpha Wolf). Sonically, “The Air In My Lungs” brings aggressive and dissonant tones to the fold with the foundation of the lyrical content relating to a depressing nature, battling inner turmoil and trying to remain calm under tremendous adversity.

Formed in 2015 through a shared love for bands such as The Chariot, Norma Jean and Every Time I Die, the band quickly recorded and released their demo ‘Send Me Far Away’ and began subjecting audiences across the east coast of Australia to their particular brand of abrasive music. They have shared the stage with bands such as She Cries Wolf, Deadlights, Apate, Underminer, Wraith, The Gloom In The Corner and Vitals.

Vocalist for the outfit, Dylan Clark, spoke of the band’s excitement. “This has been a while coming – we have been playing a bunch of shows lately and holding on to this record to wait for a good time to kick this off – we are hyped to get this into people’s ears – it’s the stuff we are most proud of so far in our career.”

Lifeblood will release this, their debut EP, “The Air In My Lungs” on October 12. The EP was recorded and mixed by Troy Brady (ex-The Amity Affliction) and mastered by Scott Simpson (Alpha Wolf). Sonically, “The Air In My Lungs” brings abrasive and dissonant tones, while simultaneously exploring the world of atmospheric and ambient textures. This foundation leads the way for lyrical content of a depressing nature, battling inner turmoil and trying to remain calm under tremendous adversity.

The first track “Expand” deals with themes of feeling inadequate as a human and failing to complete the most basic of tasks, with that feeling of inadequacy constantly building up and never being released. The music video, shot by Nick Hargans, depicts how easily we can be our own worst enemy – and that we should cut ourselves some slack – our lives and our problems really are not that bad.

New EP “The Air in My Lungs” out Friday, 12th October.


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