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Live Reviews : Enslaved, Sólstafir & Kaerulean @ The Zoo, Brisbane 31/08/2018

By on September 1, 2018

The Zoo in Brisbane hosted quite a show last night, the penultimate show of Enslaved’s 2018 Australian Tour and I was fortunate enough to be there, thanks to Metal Obsession. First up, Kaerulean, Brisbane’s progressive death technicians. Promoting their new EP  The Orwellian Dream, Kaerulean demonstrated their technical proficiency and symphonic prowess to an appreciative crowd. Adrian Pagano displayed a great stage presence as front-man and Blake Neverov, Amber Rea and Travis Hagström revelled in their respective virtuosity on guitar and Ben Davies demonstrated some very unique and proficient drumming.

Next up, the beguiling and hypnotic Icelandic quartet, Sólstafir. It is rare that I am put into a trance by a metal band, especially one that leaves me grinning from ear to ear. Like fellow Icelandic musical artists Bjork and Sigur Rós. Solstafir invoke the natural majesty and mystery of their homeland, Iceland, but they infuse a love of rock and psychedelia into the mix and the result is pure, glacial, epic beauty. The Brisbane crowd may have been unsure of Sólstafir, to begin with, but Aðalbjörn’s personality, and an anecdote involving Enslaved and Neighbours, yes, the TV show, warmed the crowds collective heart, including Odin’s, who was in attendance for the evening, allowing the band to finish off their set musically strong and emotionally poignant, the perfect warm-up for Enslaved.

And finally the headlining act, Norway’s legendary melodic black outfit, Enslaved. To say the Brisbane Zoo crowd was excited is a gross understatement. The place was packed and the stage was set and needless to say, Grutle Kjellson and company certainly delivered. Enslaved perform as a tight unit and obviously enjoy playing together on stage which is always a joy to behold. Performing tracks from their back catalogue and of course from their brilliant new album, E, Enslaved demonstrated why they are masters of their craft and the foundation of progressive black metal in current times. Overall, a great night by an extraordinary band who must be personally experienced to be fully appreciated. So, if you get a chance to see these metal masters, get on it, trust me!

Catch the final show in Melbourne at Max Watt’s tonight! Tickets from DRW Entertainment.