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News : Sydney’s Ichor return with new single and album details

By on August 28, 2018

The band Ichor may not be immediately recognisable to many in Australia, but there is a good reason behind it. The band formed back in 1993, featuring Wraith and Diablore, two members of the legendary Sydney black metal ensemble, Nazxul. Ichor released a limited run of their self-titled four-track demo tape. The disbanded in the latter part of 1993 so Wraith and Diablore could concentrate all their energies on Nazxul.

Fast forward to 2017 where Wraith and Diablore join forces once again and begin work on new material for Ichor, with the intention to continue where the band last left off back in 1993. Ichor has officially released their new single “Noble Ichor” which is available now for streaming via Decibel Magazine. Click here to start streaming.

The new track is one of many to come from the band’s long-awaited debut album ‘God of Thunder God of War’, out October 5th via Seance Records.

Ichor previously released ‘Spectres of the Woods’ which is currently streaming via the official Seance Records Youtube channel.

With that foundation at hand, Ichor‘s God of Thunder God of War indeed soars to the heights – and likewise depths – through a sinuous surge of stout, atmospherically inclined black metal. In many ways, the album’s a culmination and consolidation of the paradigmatic Australian black metal sound pioneered by Nazxul -and, by proxy, Ichor – as it wends and wends through the sturm und drang, the tragedy and triumph, for which OZBM has become so renown for nearly two decades. Suitably, here is a sound both timeless and current, breathing the essence of ancient days and charging forward across the present simultaneously: grim majesty and bittersweet melodicism commingle, their tendrils locking together as the almost-levitational thrust of Ichor‘s palpable physicality takes flight. It all makes for high drama, suggestive of a narrative arc, and its remarkably compact six-song/37-minute runtime feels far more epic than it has any right to be. Understandably, the album contains a re-recording of one of the original demo tracks, titled “Daughters Of Wrath” – a song about the cunning folk and practitioners of the Slavonic native faith, witches.

To find out more, head to the band’s official Facebook page.

‘God Of Thunder God Of War’ out October 5th via Seance Records.


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