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Album Reviews : High Tension – Purge

By on August 28, 2018

When it comes to electrifying live performances and bone-crushing metal, High Tension is a band that immediately comes to mind. A band that has forged through time with their incredibly heavy sound, there is no doubt that they are currently one of the best bands in the country, hands down. The Melbourne metallers have come a long way in such a short time, creating music that has once again put Australia on the map of heavy music. Their latest album Purge is nothing short of a mind-blowing, emotive and menacing journey, one that will have you gripping your chair.

The album begins with the seemingly smooth sounds of “Red White Shame”, that on first listen, may have you swaying a little before it comes smacking you in the face and erupts into an absolute beast of a track. Karina Utomo is one of the most expressive, and powerful vocalists of our time and there is no doubt that the moment her voice comes raging in, you instantly feel the need to surrender to its brutality. Following this is probably one of my favourite tracks of the album, “Ghost to Ghost” a track that packs a massive punch and will essentially leave you in a trance of sorts. With a more atmospheric vibe initially, the song picks up speed, drummer Lauren Hammel creating magic behind the kit and eventually leading into a crushing abyss of heaviness.

It truly can be defined as a soundscape of chaotic elegance; at its absolute finest. ‘Ular’ shows no mercy either with the sheer intensity of Karina’s vocals and the power that seeps from every menacing riff. Kicking it into full speed, the track exhibits just how fast and fierce this band can be. There’s no other way of putting it except that Ular is just downright intense and you will probably lose all sensation in your neck after listening to it. What’s truly amazing with this release is the transition between each track as “Surrender” opens with a surprisingly beautiful, electronic beat before Karina delivers what is easily one of the most emotional vocal performances I’ve ever heard from her. “Veil” follows in the same vein as the previous track, with a massive atmosphere, and incredible guitar work just as “The Legacy”. Every track just pushes forward the fact that High Tension is not messing around; the lyrics come a from a genuine place, one that is all about the ridding or purging of demons. Confronting, intense and emotional but insanely powerful, this new record from High Tension exhibits the sheer passion that this band has for what they do.

The album closes with “Rise”, definitely a fitting end to an album that packs a massive punch and essentially captures the soul of High Tension and their musical style. While there’s so much aggression and chaos that pushes forth through every track, it is perfectly balanced out with a hopeful, uplifting energy that lingers around it. It is without a doubt one of the most amazing releases to come out of Australia this year.

Band: High Tension
Album: Purge
Year: 2018
Genre: Metal
Label: Cooking Vinyl Australia
Origin: Australia


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