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News : Premiere: Darwin metallers Summit release their new single ‘Patient Zero’

By on August 14, 2018

Darwin’s firmly established metalcore ensemble Summit is today releasing their crushing new single ‘Patient Zero’, taken from their forthcoming new EP Echoes of Aberration, due for release on Friday, 31st August.

The new single, ‘Patient Zero’ takes us on a slight detour from the norm. Pretty ironic as the definition of aberration means “a departure from what is normal, usual, or expected”. The riff-laden beast of a single is a slight departure from the typical benchmark of metalcore, offering a curveball to the typical “metalcore by numbers” formula. The band’s lyrical content delves into issues of love, relationships, loss from suicide and moving on. You wouldn’t expect to hear something this ample in sound coming out of the remoteness of Darwin!

The “Echoes of Aberration” EP was mixed & mastered by Nicholas Page from the well-known band For All Eternity and produced by Benjamin Masters from Tapestry.

The new EP ‘Echoes of Aberration’ will be available for pre-order in all good digital outlets from this coming Monday, July 30.

Bassist Wes Beck comments:

“This new video and track really is the first taste of the band that we want to show the world. The Video shows the chaos caused by the indulgence of the vices shown in the clip. ‘Echoes’ is a track we are all proud of and can’t wait for everyone to check it out.”

Since Summit’s touring schedule began in 2017 at Darwin’s Terrorfest, the band have played alongside several national acts including Dream On Dreamer, Tapestry, Polaris and High Tension to name but a few.

“Echoes of Aberration” will see its release on Friday, August 31 and can be pre-ordered from all good digital stores from Monday, July 30. The Single “Echoes” will be available for streaming from Friday, July 27.

For more information, head to the band’s official Facebook page.


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