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News : Melbourne’s Scaphis release debut music video “Buried Alive”

By on August 4, 2018

Melbourne death metal ensemble, Scaphis, have released their debut music video “Buried Alive”, taken from the album ‘Rituals of Torture and Death‘ which saw its release in 2017. The music video was filmed and edited by Strongman Pictures and stars Dean Lewer as “the victim”. Special and after effects were handled by Ragdoll Bathory. Check out the music video in all its gruesome glory below.

The current roster of Scaphis is Josh Ristrom (guitars), James Shelverton (drums), Spyke Jagerkrieg (vocals), Ryan Koetsveld (bass) and Ben Eberhard (guitars).

Scaphis’ debut album ‘Rituals of Torture and Death’ is available now in digital and physical formats. The album is also available on Spotify and iTunes. Head to the band’s official Facebook page for further details and upcoming tour dates.

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