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Interviews : “Good time to be alive” – An interview with Dave Couper (Caligula’s Horse)

By on July 22, 2018

Caligula’s Horse – Dave Couper

With so much focus placed on the many ills of the music business, there are many bands that one could use to exemplify what is right within the Australian recorded music industry in 2018. One such band is Caligula’s Horse, a prog-tinged melodramatic rock/ metal outfit from Brisbane.

Going further, having spent time interviewing a significant number of musicians from across our wide brown land this past 12 months, one really never fails to be amazed at the volume of talent, creativity and passion that Australian performers convey via their albums, concert appearances and of course, during interviews.

Dave Couper is the bassist and very humble bloke in Caligula’s Horse. He is everything I mentioned in the previous paragraph. Possessing an endearing Australian quality, he was humble to a fault during our conversation. He’s a great bassist, in a seriously impressive outfit that is going places.

Couper and comrades feature as the headline act in the ‘Love Conquers All East Coast Tour’, in August, playing their magnificent album, In Contact (’17) from front to back. Joining the band across the three dates are (James Norbert) Ivanyi and Opus of the Machine.

“Obviously, can’t wait to play these shows. It’s gonna be a phenomenal trip, a series of short trips. Next year, particularly, we’ll get back to the full Australian routine. We’re really enjoying it. It’s a great time. All this kind of music from an Australian perspective and from an international perspective we absolutely love. I am an atheist, but I’ll use the term blessed because to be able to share the stage with some of our mates and our heroes and heroes who become mates. Phenomenal talent all over the place and not all the same kind of talent, though. There’s different little intricacies and nuances and idiosyncrasies within these groups that we get to hang out with which we really appreciate, and we learn from all the time.”

During our conversation, as Couper and I discussed our perspective roles as bass guitarists, talk turned to the virtuosity and accomplished performance of Couper’s soon to be touring companions.

“It’ll be good because we’ll be touring with two Australian bands (in) Europe (through October and November for the ‘In Contact European Tour’ with Circles and I Built The Sky), so we’re hanging out with some of the cream of the Australian music for the next four months. For the (Australian dates that comprise the) ‘Love Conquers All tour’… Ivanyi, a fantastic guitarist and Liam Horgan… you want to talk about bass players, you’ve got to check out Liam Horgan, he’s just absolutely ridiculous.

I am definitely an imposter compared to Liam (Horgan)… and then Opus of a Machine. So, Zac (Zachary Greensill) phenomenal musician and guitarist, (he is the) former guitarist in Caligula’s Horse. They are coming out with their second album. Part of the tour’s gonna be there for them. I heard a couple of the songs… by all accounts, it’s going to be a phenomenal release. They’re a great band. They’re good dudes and it’s going to be a hell of a lot of fun doing these shows coming up with them. Good time to be alive.”

With these massive tours to complete during the calendar year, releases of the bands back catalogue on vinyl and thoughts turning to what the shape of the bands next album might be, it is a good time to be alive for both the band and the many fans of Australian hard rock.

Listen to the full conversation here.

Catch Caligula’s Horse on the  ‘Love Conquers All East Coast Tour’

For complete tour and ticket information, visit Moshtix.

Friday August 3- Oxford Art factory, Sydney

Saturday August 11- Wooly Mammoth, Brisbane

Thursday August 16- Howler, Melbourne


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