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Interviews : “We are always writing from a really emotive and narrative place” – An interview with James Butler and Ash Fuller (Slow Talk)

By on July 1, 2018

Slow Talk – James Butler and Ash Fuller

James Butler and Ash Fuller are the creative force that handle the vocal and guitar performance respectively for Melbourne based psych/rock/metal outfit Slow Talk. The lads have released the impressive EP, New Vernacular.

Drawing an inspiration from a range of influences, the guitar is the instrument that allows the pair’s creativity to be channelled into slices of dreamy soundscapes riveted by technically proficient playing.

“I think we do not really try and lump down a sound, but we are always writing from a really emotive and narrative place, and then just exploring what we can do with a bunch of guitars.”

Allowing for comparisons isn’t simple. There are hints of the best of the Australian rock/ metal scene of the past decade in the duo’s DNA, although the primary piece of feedback they receive compares them to a U.S. outfit that has been labelled everything from post-hardcore to progressive-rock.

“I guess our main one we get a lot is Circa Survive, they have been a key part of our inspiration. If there was any band that we would want to play with or say that we look up to its Circa Survive.”

The lyrical themes through the EP mine Butler’s personal experience. Butlers internal monologue reflects on the events of his life offering rich content on which to take ideas, all sung in a distinctive cadence reminiscent of The Mars Volta’s Cedric Bixler-Zavala

“I guess throughout the EP most of the lyrics are internal dialogue, quite often metaphors for life events that I have been through. So, the earlier tracks are about relationship stuff, the last two are about new experiences. I try and represent those things in clever little ways. “

The various methods of recording and pre-production available to an artist in 2018 are positively dizzying. From the choice of a digital audio workstation (DAW), recording interface, effects… both Butler and Fuller really know their stuff and what suits their methods and creative process. It’s not coincidental then that the success of the move from home studio to professional set-up when dollars add up and time is money, all came down to the preparation that lads put the effort into.

“We walked into the studio really well-prepared I like to think, so, what you hear is pretty much what we had at our home studio. We recorded with a guy called Declan White and he is a legend. It’s really hard to get people to see your vision and not try and do their own thing and spin your tones into a completely different record. Declan respected exactly what we wanted, and he just helped us bring that to life. We are really happy with him for that.”

New Vernacular, is a truly is a remarkable EP that should attract a broad audience.

Check out the audio of the full conversation with the members of Slow Talk here.


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