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Album Reviews : Sadistik Forest – Morbid Majesties

By on June 21, 2018

Another metal band from Finland who delivers a dose of old school death metal with a distinctive resonation and patriotism with the country which they hail from. A plethora of metal bands from Finland, over the last 25 years have come along and released stellar albums which have put them on the international map. Sadistik Forest is no exception to this trend who are signed to Transcending Obscurity records who have a bit recently with a roster of quality acts including DepravityGaerea, Crawl and Sathanas to name a few.

This is the third full-length record from the band and offers their most mature songwriting effort to date. It clocks in at around 35 minutes and contains a plethora of influences while still remaining largely a death metal band. The mix of inspiration from death, black and thrash metal is for there to see, but still at the same time holding onto their Finnish identity which is what the majority of bands from Finland seem to hold on to. The black metal influence shines through, but not necessarily enough to label them in the blackened death metal territory.

This means that while the songwriting is largely fast and hard hitting it also leaves room for groove and a macabre atmosphere. Guitar riffs which are full of meat and a tone similar to that of the Swedish bands who have come before them. The use of melody at the right time is something the band are well of and the lead guitar work hits through with no let up while enhancing the music at the same time.

The vocal delivery is utterly barbaric and shows a great deal of range which could be compared to the likes of Chris Barnes or John Tardy of Obituary. The type of vocal style which could come across as being sick or that of a disease lends itself to the strength of this album.

The final product is a very strong record which the metal underground will grow fond of, I’m sure. And no doubt for years to come. Understandably brutal, but with a level of depth and texture which can only help the band grow their sound in years to come. Check it out if you are curious, as the label Sadistik Forest are on (Transcending Obscurity records) are doing great work in the metal underground.

Band: Sadistik Forest
Album: Morbid Majesties
Year: 2018
Genre: Death Metal
Label: Transcending Obscurity
Origin: Finland