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News : Great Leap Skyward (formally Knightmare) return with a new album

By on June 17, 2018

For those who have been heavily embedded in Melbourne’s power metal scene for many years would no doubt know the name, Knightmare, which featured members of 4Arm and Septerrus. The band grew to fame back in early 2008 with the release of their debut EP Unholy which followed up with the inevitable release of their debut album In Death’s Shadow in late 2012, which gained the band a signing to Metalapolis Record.

The band has since gone through some major changes, firstly the name. The Knightmare banner is no more and has since been changed to, Great Leap Skyward. The band’s line-up, along with their sound has seen a dramatic change as well, now dubbed “Cinematic Progressive Metal”. Great Leap Skyward features vocalist & guitarist Luke Besley, bassist Matt McConaghy, drummer David Allen and guitarist Jim Munro.

Great Leap Skyward are set to release their brand new album Map of Broken Dreams on August 31st via Metalapolis Records. Head to the band’s official Facebook page for more details.

Great Leap Skyward (originally formed under Knightmare in Australia) emerges as a modern, darker and deeply explorative metal act. Bringing together an immersive, transformative blend of unique musical styles and a sonic aesthetic they create a fusion of metal and atmospheric audio that continues to defy classification on the world stage. Incorporating sounds from modern and traditional acts they draw influences both from inside the metal world but also from eclectic outside tastes to create music that is best being described as: Progressive Cinematic Metal.


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