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News : Melbourne’s The Eternal reveal details of forthcoming new album

By on June 12, 2018

Australia’s long-standing doom metal masters, The Eternal, have recently signed a deal with Finland’s Inverse Record for the release of their forthcoming full-length release ‘Waiting for the Endless Dawn’, due for release on August 17th of this year. This is the band’s sixth studio album and will feature 75 minutes of dark and doom-laden grooves which will see a return to the band’s sombre and heavier origins.

The first single ‘In the Lilac Dust’, will feature the enigmatic voice of Mikko Kotamäki from Finnish doom legends Swallow The Sun, will be released on Inverse Records on Tuesday 19th June 2018. It will be available on online services such as Spotify, iTunes & Apple Music and will be accompanied by a lyric video. Stay tuned for that!

The Eternal’s current roster features Mark Kelson (Alternative 4, Insomnius Dei, Cryptal Darkness), Martin Powell (My Dying Bride, Cradle of Filth, Anathema), Marty O’Shea (Dreadnaught) & Dave Langlands, alongside the addition of renowned Australian guitarist Richie Poate (Dreadnaught). The band have spent over 3 years writing and recording what can be best described as the bands darkest & heaviest album to date.

“Waiting for the Endless Dawn” out August 17th, 2018 via Inverse Record

With Kelson & Poate taking care of production duties, the 7 track, 75 minute opus ‘Waiting For The Endless Dawn’ see’s the band treading in more melancholic waters than ever before.

The album opens with ‘The Wound’, a 20 minute cinematic statement that takes the listener from moments of progressive, emotive rock, all the way to slow drudging doom metal. A film for ‘The Wound’ has been produced in Portugal by renowned filmmaker Guilherme Henriques.

Waiting For The Endless Dawn proves to be a heavy-hearted, dark statement in the bands diverse and long career, which will see the band endeavouring to tour extensively and performing the album in its entirety in 2018 and beyond.

To find out more, head to the band’s official website:


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