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News : Brisbane’s Sum Of Us release their new single “First Yawn”.

By on June 7, 2018

Brisbane’s Sum of Us have made themselves known to the world with their single “Forrest”. Now, with their very first, sweaty, secret, jam-packed-to-the-walls Crowbar Church show under their belt, they are announcing the details of their first EP release, “Sharp Turns in Dark Tunnels”, which will see the light of day on Friday July 13. The release is today being heralded with a brand new track, accompanied by a colour-soaked video – “First Yawn”.

The “Sharp Turns in Dark Tunnels” EP will be available for pre-order come this Friday June 8 and purchasers will get “First Yawn” gratis. The single itself will be available to stream on Apple Music and Spotify June 8 as well. The band worked with Head Atlas – a teaming of Chrispy Town (Osaka Punch) and Joel Myles on the production of this EP. The film clip for this new single was shot and edited by Luke McClean.

Sum of Us vocalist Bryce Carleton says that “First Yawn discusses the paradox of the drive to understand one’s true self while releasing that any attempt at this is only pushing the end goal out of reach. The track attempts to capture the point of realisation that nothing is needed to be gained or lost to become who we truly are.”

Last month, the band released this short-documentary about the creation of the EP and gave a massive amount of insight into the band and their “super group”-like formation, as well as the mindset of the individuals and the credo of the band in general – watch Sum of Us mini-documentary.

Sum of Us is made up of five band members plucked from the Brisbane music scene and featuring members of Osaka Punch, Kodiak Empire and Red In Tooth, Sum of Us is a project that just clicked and made sense from the day they all met and jammed. Their first show was supporting In Hearts Wake, Young Lions and Stepson, and they followed that up with an invite-only absolutely packed to the rafters show in Crowbar’s Church space.

Sum of Us are Jamie Swanson on Guitar, Jeremy Field on Guitar, Jasper Webb on Bass (Red In Tooth), Bryce Carleton on Vocals (Kodiak Empire) and Dane Pulvirenti on Drums (Osaka Punch).

Sum of Us’ EP “Sharp Turns in Dark Tunnels”,will be released on Friday July 13 and will go live for pre-order Friday June 8th, with single First Yawn becoming available for streaming same day.

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